Creative Vision & Foundation for Mandala Peace Festival, Workshops, ArtShows, Retreats, & Music

As We Honor All Our Ancestors and all Our Brothers and Sisters from the  4 corners of the Earth, We know that We are as Diversified as the Colors of the Rainbow. We have been Created in the image of the Most High, and so, Our Creator must also be as colorful and as beautiful as the rainbow.  In our past, there have been many wars because of differences.  These wars have destroyed many peoples, decimated several cultures, tarnished the Earth, and created much pain. However,

Our Differences are the very Strength and Beauty of Our People.
   In order for us to Heal and Grow as the Conscious Light Beings we are,  
We shall  
~Achieve Unity through the Celebration of Diversity, not Conformity.
We shall see the likeness of Our Selves and our Creator in all Living things and  
~Celebrate All Life as Divinity.
We shall
    ~Glorify, Teach, and Uphold the Tenants of Righteousness, Peace, and Love.
In so doing these things,
We shall  
      ~Find Healing for Our Earth, Our Communities, and OurSelves.      

       I would like to invite you to join me and our Comm*Unity at the Mandala Peace Festival: Celebrating Peace, Music, Art, Cultural Diversity, and Sustainable Comm*Unity. I will be sharing my work in creating a multidimensional Mandala that brings together art, music, cultures, color, geometry, spiritual teachings, and personal insight into one multi-faceted artpiece representing the 13th Crown Chakra, the center of the Universe, the Hunab Ku, the Divine Feminine, the Oneness in us all where we blend into the Most High with realization that we are all things just as God Is ~ Om ~

There are many layers to the Luminous Diversity Unity & Faith Mandala I've been working on… and many more to be added still…
 If you start in the center and work your way out you will find the following:
1-The Sacred Circle and the Divine Feminine / Mother ~ Shekinah or Elohyim ~

2-The 7 Circles of the Egg of Life or Seed of Life (7 colors, 7 tones, and 7 major chakras)
3-The Holy Trinity – The 6-pointed Star of David (Seal of Solomon) – 
    Alpha & Omega / Masculine & Feminine Triangles - Human Mer-ka-bah Energy Field
4- Metatron’s Cube and the Antakarana
5- The Medicine Wheel- Native American Teaching of the 4 Directions, 4 Seasons, 4 Elements, and more
     Also Sun Bear’s Natural Earth Astrology 12 Month Calendar  

6- The 12 Tribes of Israel & The Seals of 144,000 of Jah Kingdom of Heaven from Revelations 21
7- The Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Jah RasTafarI
8- The 13 Chakras and 12 Astrological Signs with Elemental Signs and Totem Animals
9- The 13 Moon Natural Yearly Cycle (as channeled by White Swan)
10- The Mayan Calendar 13 Moons and 13 Tones
11- Lunar Calendars from Around the World with the Kabbalistic Ten Sefiroth and Tree of Life
    (Including the Hebrew, Islamic, & Hindu Lunar Calendars and the Animals of the Chinese Zodiac)

12- The Governing Angels of the 4 Seasons, the 12 Months, and the 12 Astrological signs
13- The 72 Names of the Most High God Jah (in Hebrew) and the name of God& Love in other languages and religions as well.


When  you join your Comm*Unity for the Mandala Peace Festival, you can expect hours of emotional and intellectual stimulation, sharing, discussion, artistic performances, and live music complimented by tea, food, wide open spaces, fresh air, relaxation, healing, mental and physical stretching, and access to local healers, vendors, artists, businesses, comm*unity groups, workshops, yoga, aikido, tai chi....

All Bringing to Life this Multifaceted Mandala Vision of

Our Beautiful Sustainable Peace Comm*Unity!


I wish to Inspire Healing & Balance to your Senses, your Chakras, and your 4 Core Bodies of

*Body Mind Heart & Spirit *


My Intention is to share my own meditation, learn from yours, and for us all to participate in building a greater awareness, a greater intention, and a stronger Balance in pursuit of achieving Peace & Unity.

We Can and Will Achieve Peace & Unity through the Celebration of Diversity, not Conformity.

We can Together Create and Promote this Vision of "Peaceful Comm*Unity" by raising consciousness and comm*unity toward promoting actions of Peace and Service, projects of creative music, art, & dance, and celebrating multicultural diversity, wisdom, expression,  and equality.

**It is our Diversity which Gives Us Strength as a Comm*Unity

To create working and sustainable peace locally, nationally, and internationally.  It is imperative in this time that small communities adopt a true focus and commitment on promoting these ideals and lead the way in spreading them to Build and Strengthen a Nation Based on

"Sustainable Peace Comm*Unity."

When We Pursue and Achieve this Greater Awareness and Greater Balance,

We are Healing Our Selves, Our Communities, & Our Earth, for

We Are All Related ~ Ho Mitakawe Oyassin!

~ Namaste ~

- OmegaFire -





Music Art & Philosophy~

The music and art of ~Omega Fire~ carries the Love, the Heartbeat, of Mother Earth and emanates the Wisdom & the Spirit of Father Sky. It inspires thoughts of Livity and I~nity upheld by a strong foundation of Compassion & Understanding. "I feel blessed to share my work, inspired through the personality of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I Jah RasTafarI and Empress Menen, as well as the High Universal Powers of Christ Consciousness, Love, and all of Creation. We are all Related. Ho! Mitakawe Oyassin!   Singing Thanks & Praise, I Honor the Father & the Mother, King & Queen, Alpha & Omega, balanced in Love, the Might and Power of the Hola Trinity, our Elders, our Ancestry, and all the Children of Creation. Gratitude is the path to Balancing the Sacred with Every Day Life.  Together we are finding Unity through the Celebration of Diversity, not Conformity. One song, one dance, at a time."

Declarations of Self Empowerment echo from this revolutionary vocalist's lyrical resonation from beginning to end, while roots rhythms & harmonic melodies soothe your heart: a healing reflection and irie profession of conscious remembrance for the Healing of Jah Nations.   One People, One Aim, One Destiny, One Love.  Celebrating Love, Family, and the Teachings of the Hola Bible  as well as teachings from His Imperial Majestyand other great spiritual texts from around the world.  Compassion and Respect for all Living Things creates Peace in Ourselves and in our World. ~Namaste~ "I believe that as each of us Seeks and Achieves Inner Peace.. that the External Peace follows...  And the Realization that we are all Children of Jah Most High, created in His Image with His Spirit and Her Body... created with His Wisdom and Her Love... created for Service and Compassion ... knowing Love is the Highest Power in the Universe... Knowing and Celebrating that God is that Love*... "

       Truth is Liberation.

        Ultimately~**The Revelation is the Revolution**

---------Acoustic guitar, rhythmic keys, melodic vocals, roots jams, resonant Afrikan percussion, dancehall vibes, and a very powerful and positive message makes Omega Fire a rewarding and fun experience every time! We guarantee a high energy show that will not leave you or anyone else uninspired.